admin_timeline package


admin_timeline.compat module

admin_timeline.conf module

admin_timeline.conf.get_setting(setting, override=None)[source]

Get a setting from admin_timeline conf module.

Falling back to the default. If override is not None, it will be used instead of the setting.

  • setting – String with setting name
  • override – Value to use when no default setting is available. Defaults to None.

Setting value.

admin_timeline.defaults module

admin_timeline.forms module

admin_timeline.settings module

Override the following values in your global settings module by adding ADMIN_TIMELINE_ prefix to the values. When it comes to importing the values, import them from admin_timeline.settings module (without the ADMIN_TIMELINE_ prefix).

NUMBER_OF_ENTRIES_PER_PAGE: Number of entries per page.

SINGLE_LOG_ENTRY_DATE_FORMAT: Date format for the single log entry. Default value is “g:i:s A”.

LOG_ENTRIES_DAY_HEADINGS_DATE_FORMAT: Day headings date format. Default value is “l j F Y”.


admin_timeline.urls module

admin_timeline.views module

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